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Origin Story

Originally posted on the internal BE Digital Blog to get insight from our partners and clients during the business planning stages.

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Before we were BE, we were just WE.

Now I know that every agency thinks outside the box - but we got together in an attempt to break the box with the Unagency.

Yup. That is the Name. Un-Agency. As in Not-Agency. The name was coined by the coworking/startup genius Tim Rowe and the Cambridge Innovation Center was generous enough to experiment with having an in-house agency use unused space as a kind of roving studio. We moved to various floors and with each "sprint space" we tried to focus on different kinds of projects from headshots to kickstarter campaigns.

Dolly Camera VIdeography
Hakim Logo Design Digital Artist Boston

The Unagency for Media Collaborations was a place for freelance music producers, 3D animators, projection artists, young designers, skilled videographers, augmented reality entrepreneurs and visual effects artists to experiment. It was a place that didn't turn down a single startup request. The community of ~900 startups in the CIC could count on the Unagency for a quality deliverable created on time and on budget. Despite our best attempts we were starting to loose the "UN" in Unagency and were becoming more and more like a standard, full service digital agency.

Office View Calix Tables Coworking Boston

As we assessed our goals for 2017, we wanted to bring our various digital skills together in a new and focused way. The roving experimental studio / lab had filmed in conference rooms, meeting rooms, lounges and even the gym. What we loved most was filming in event spaces with high ceilings and views. The demand for event multimedia was something that we couldn't meet with confidence because it would take a special set of equipment and a focused team to meet client demands and innovate. We decided that we were up for the challenge and set-out to re envision the traditional agency once more. BE Digital, New View Media and a 501(c)(3) are the first Unagency® (ad)Ventures being tackled in 2017.

Boston Suja Photography Skyline Coworking Agency

So now when you look at our logo and see Boston Event Digital busting out of the box - BE bold and don't be afraid to reach-out with your wild idea. We want to innovate Boston's Event landscape. We want to create memorable learning opportunities for your attendees. Go ahead - challenge us! Let's BE Digital together!

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